Art center



Situated in the town of Ségou—the capital of the Bambara Empire—Mieruba Art Center offers a Art Center for locals, travelers. Our 90 square meter gallery located a few hundred meters from the Niger River hosts a permanent exhibition of the famous sculptor Amaguiré Dolo and a large collection of one of Mali’s photography pioneers—Adama Kouyaté. The gallery also specializes in buying and selling authentic Malian crafts ranging from masks to sculptures. MAC’s shop has a huge collection of old masks and statuettes from the Bambara, Dogon, and Bobo communities. Traditional household goods and authentic objects—both ancient and contemporary can also be found in the shop. In a land where traditionally most of the architecture is made of mud, MAC was built using dry sandstone. MAC has 8 spacey rooms decorated in a tradi-modern style to demonstrate our commitment to blending different cultures. In the compound, there is 600 square meters of terraces and gardens from where you can observe the passing of migratory birds. Mieruba also organizes private concerts upon demand with local musicians. Our vision is to create an atmosphere where our guests feel like their living with family in a traditional yet modern setting. Mieruba Art Center is also a cultural center which promote Malian music in addition to being the seat of a music label. The center offers to teach the practice of traditional instruments and their design, to accompany artists in the process of creation and dissemination of their works, as well as to collaborate with foreign artists, collectives or labels so that traditional Malian and Foreign musics meet during artistic residencies. Access to MAC is easy given its proximity to the paved highway, RN6.





Founded in 2008 in Ségou, Mali Mieruba-ML is an independent record label dedicated to Malian folk songs and blues music. Since its founding, Mieruba-ML has sought to promote Mali’s cultural and musical heritage of Mali to engrave the melodies, lyrics, and personalities of the post-independence golden age of musical creation in our collective memories. Unfortunately, one of the co-founders of the label, Mangala Camara passed away on September 29th, 2010 in Bamako. One of the great masters of contemporary Malian music, the label incarnates his philosophy, personality, and love for traditional music. He recorded his album “Renaissance” just months before his passing and it inspired the label to continue identifying and producing music created by other central players in Malian contemporary music. Between 2010 and 2018, Mieruba-ML released a first series of 8 albums as part of a collective effort dubbed, “The Lost Maestros.” The majority of the tracks were recorded at Koré, a studio in Ségou.