Namakoro Fomba


Adama Namakoro Fomba made his start with the Dioïla-based “Baniko Jazz” orchestra in the early 1970s. An experienced guitarist and vocalist  inspired by the Kômô, one of the largest socio-religious Bambara organizations with members ranging from the Mandingue and Bambara of Koulikoro and Ségou to the Fulani of Wassoulou and the Senoufo of San, Koutiala, and Sikasso.

A native of Dioïla, he participated  in countless Biennale’s held in Koulikoro. He left for the Ivory Coast via Burkina Faso in 1976 and eventually teamed up with Sory Bamba and his band “Le Kanaga de Mopti” for a few years. He played key roles in the début solo albums of Sory Bamba as well Malian reggae artist Koko Dembélé.

The recordings on “Banikô” after nearly 20 years of retirement came as a surprise for many. With a crystal-clear and marvelous voice, he still delights rural audiences in particular with his words and rhythms.