A sublime percussionist, Labouzou is ranked among the five master drummers of West Africa. Born Daouda Dembélé, he first got his start playing alongside Papa Gaoussou Diarra and Aboubacar Kissa from the illustrious and internationally-acclaimed orchestra:  Super Biton de Ségou.

Before the 2012 crisis, Labouzou for many years owned Labouzou Percussion, a traditional instruments boutique, manufacturing, and training center in downtown Ségou. A headquarters from which has trained and equipped countless African and Western professional musicians.

“Môbaso” is his first and only recorded album but for decades his name in Ségou and Bamako’s nightlife scene has been synonymous with high energy, fun music perfect for those eager to let loose on the dance floor.

His style is clearly based on the pentatonic rhythms of his native Ségou and the songs on this album is fusion of Bambara pentatonic music, Nigerian highlife, and afrobeat.